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An experienced team at the Centro Vet Veterinary Practice in Samedan

At the Centro Vet Veterinary Practice in Samedan, you will find a well-oiled team that has been working closely together for many years. Together, we are strong, and we complement each other perfectly.
Contact us for any issues involving veterinary treatment for your small animals. As well as a broad spectrum of modern diagnostics and treatments using X-rays, ultrasound and our in-house laboratory, we also specialize in surgery.

Dr.med.vet. Mauro Vattolo-[company name]

Dr.med.vet. Mauro Vattolo

Dr. Mauro Vattolo founded the Centro Vet Veterinary Practice in Samedan in 1987. As an experienced small animal vet, he directs and organises the business of the practice and the emergency service.

Stasia Vattolo-Grass

Administration and Veterinary Assistant

Dr.med.vet. ECVS Francesca Zala-Tannò-[company name]

Dr.med.vet. ECVS Francesca Zala-Tannò

Dr. Francesca Zala-Tannò has worked at the animal hospital in Bern as a surgeon and was awarded the coveted European College of Veterinary Surgery (ECVS) Diploma in 2000. She has worked as a small animal vet and surgeon at the Centro Vet Veterinary Practice since 1999.

Dr.med.vet. Micaela Frugoni-[company name]

Dr.med.vet. Micaela Frugoni

Dr. Micaela Frugoni has worked at the Centro Vet Veterinary Practice on a part-time basis since 2010. As a small animal veterinary intern, she mainly covers the areas of ultrasonic diagnostics and microscopy investigations in the laboratory. Cardiac ultrasound investigations and cardiac therapies are undertaken by her husband, Dr.med.vet. ECVIM-CA Oriol Domenech, a veterinary heart specialist, when required.

Deborah Mastaglio

Veterinary Assistant